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Community news is frequently hilarious and helps one keep up on new business ventures, events, and everything else that is happening in the area.

In the era of “fake news,” I’m sure we can all agree that the standard bearers of truth, intelligence and accurate reporting are most certainly the Milo Can Opener and the Champion Chronicle!

If you are not presently subscribing to either one or both (why not?!), your life is poorer for it. 🙂

With New Year’s resolutions soon upon us, you can subscribe to the Champion Chronicle by emailing [email protected] or the Milo Can Opener by emailing [email protected] .

A digital subscription to the Champion Chronicle costs $12/year. A paper copy can be mailed to you each month for $20/year (Champion local mail) or for $25/year (outside Champion local mail but in Canada).

A subscription to the Milo Can Opener costs $20/year (Milo local mail) or $25/year (outside Milo local mail but in Canada).

Different rates apply for hard copy mail delivery outside Canada.

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