Notes from Council, May 31, 2022

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Dear Residents & Ratepayers,

The month of May was relatively quiet for County Council; both regular meetings were only half-day. I was, however, invited to the Spring meeting of the Lake McGregor Country Estates Community Association on May 22nd. This meet was very well attended by the membership and provided a two hour “information session” on all business items of the community, as well as Social Club matters. The meeting was well-organized and the volunteer board of directors each took turns speaking to a different item on the agenda. I was greatly impressed by the thoroughness of the presentation (over 1 hour, 50 minutes), as well as the quality of the questions asked and answers provided. While the community does have significant challenges, being only phase one of a development that was initially foreseen to have three phases, the board is diligent about infrastructure and facility maintenance, as well as working toward a longer-term agreement with the developer for these installations. Longer-term viability requires that the planned three phases of development are realized, especially when provincial and federal infrastructure grants are not available for a private community of both permanent and seasonal residents.   

My colleague on County Council, Kelly Nelson, does her own write-up for the Milo Can Opener. In her May write-up, Councillor Nelson recognized the Firefighter awards that have been presented this year in Vulcan County. Given the significant commitment of these local fire fighters, I want to make mention of them here as well.

For the Government of Canada, Exemplary Service Medal, congratulations to Doug West (20yr + 1st bar), Robert Phillips (20yr + 1st + 2nd bar), Alan Ward (20yr + 1st bar), Allan Bartsch (20yr + 1st bar), Lloyd Deitz (20yr + 1st bar), and Darlene Phillips (20 yr + 1st bar).

For the 12 Year Alberta Emergency Services Medal, congratulations to Peter Wyatt, Byron Thompson, Russel Heather, Cornelius Neustaeter and Luke Wurz.

For Firefighter of the Year, congratulations to Darcy McDonell.

For 1001 Level 1 Completion, congratulations to Colin Bexte (Fastest Donning Time), Nick Kuntz, Tyson Nerbus, Cornelius Neustaeter, Richard Ferguson, Wyatt Dahl, Gord McMaster, Derek Holden, Conrad Jones, Ethan Lobdell, Samantha Suitor, and Jon Wiebe.

For 5 Year Certifications, congratulations to Jim Brooks, Jaxson Deitz, Brayden Stokes, Casey West, Rick DeVries, Jason Hofer, Simon Hofer, Joseph Anderson, and William Smith.

For 10 Year Certifications, congratulations to Nick Kuntz, Chris Bartsch, Neal Deitz, Kyle Lahd, and Brayden Shepherd.

For 15 Year Certifications, congratulations to Keith Deitz.

For 25 Year Certifications, congratulations to Wayne Tompkins and Lorae Tompkins.

For 30 Year Certifications, congratulations to Lloyd Deitz.

For everyone’s benefit, including our farmers and the communities they support, may we get nice rains in June!


Christopher Northcott

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