Notes from Council, March 31, 2023

Dear Residents & Ratepayers,

The Vulcan District Recreation Board now has a full complement of members-at-large. While I mentioned Josh Umscheid and Troy Dobson in a prior write-up, I want to thank Joanne Kettenbach for her willingness to serve on this board. The board has now met twice, being well-versed by Chris Gauthier, the Town of Vulcan’s Community Services Manager, on the programming that is offered. At our meetings we review these programs, including the demand for them, their revenue generating potential, as well as how much the County should contribute on behalf of our ratepayers. The Town of Vulcan is offering a lot of great programs within established budgetary constraints.

On March 18th, the Milo and District Fire Association hosted the annual firefighter appreciation dinner. While I was unable to attend, other members of County Council did attend this event and the following service awards were presented by the Fire Chiefs.

For completing training 1001 LV 1:

Chelsea Phinney – Station 27

Gilbert Middleton – Station 20

Kaley Dick – Station 27

Ryan Gateman – Station 16

Derek Maljaars – Station 20

Jordan Kuntz – Station 16

Travis Schmeelke – Station 20

For 5 Years of Service:

Derek Holden – Station 27

Sam Hofer – Station 20

Jael Vande Bruinhorst – Station 20

Naomi Vande Bruinhorst – Station 20

Wyatt Dahl – Station 21

Kelsey Chic – Station 21

Darcy McDonell – Station 20

Lee Heemskerk – Station 16

Jason Haines – Emergency Vehicle Technician

For 10 Years of Service:

Jayden Schlaht – Station 19

For 20 Years of Service:

Sue Dahl – Station 21

Keith Deitz – Station 17

Dale Nelson – Station 17

For 40 Years of Service:

Doug West – Station 19

For Firefighter of the Year:

Richard Ferguson – Station 17

By all accounts, it was a very enjoyable evening to celebrate our regional fire protection service.

In addition to this monthly write-up, all of council will now be doing regular councillor reports. While we have done verbal updates in the past, we are now trying to be a bit more intentional about updating our colleagues on the business of the committees and boards where we serve, as well as on our division issues. My first written councillor report was circulated to other members of council in advance of the March 1st regular meeting, as well as being posted to my website. After surveying what other municipalities are doing on this matter, Council accepted the recommendation of Administration to include councillor reports on our agenda at least once a month, providing for both a written and verbal update. I will include a copy of “Notes from Council” as an attachment to my report.

At the end of last year, an independent inquiry was struck to hear and report on the impacts of how the Covid-19 pandemic was handled. Starting in Truro, Nova Scotia, this month, the non-partisan National Citizens Inquiry is working its way across the country and will be in Red Deer on April 26th, hearing from witnesses and expert witnesses. To learn more, please check out: .


Christopher Northcott

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