Notes from Council, December 31, 2022

Dear Residents & Ratepayers,

 With drifting snow across County roads, grader operators are doing their best to respond to complaints in a timely manner and keep traffic moving. Please notify Operations if you require a road to be plowed or have noticed significant drifting. You can call 403-485-6090 and leave a message if it is not answered in person.

If you live in the Vulcan Recreation District, County Council is looking to appoint three Public Members who can assist three councillors with the business of reviewing the ongoing development of public recreation programs and funding supports. Compensation is provided for meeting attendance, with terms of appointment ranging between 1 to 3 years. It is hoped that this board will facilitate County input on recreation in the Vulcan District, both for recreational opportunities across this district and in co-operation with the Town of Vulcan. The application form can be found here: .

County Council has given final approval to the 2023 Interim Operating Budget and Capital Plans. There were a few “housekeeping” matters also addressed in December with respect to textual amendments to the Land Use Bylaw, updating the credit card policy, the borrowing for operations bylaw, as well as the fees for service bylaw. Nothing too controversial here.

Administration also brought forward a proposed land use bylaw amendment that would have required renewable energy projects to obtain an approval by the Alberta Utilities Commission prior to applying to Vulcan County for a development permit. The impetus for this proposal stemmed from frustration over how the approval process unfolded regarding the ABO wind generation project and the Village of Lomond Urban Fringe earlier this year. However, having seen what other jurisdictions are doing to revise and enhance their Municipal Development Plans, as well as develop Land Use Suitability Tools for their municipalities, there is greater clarity on how Vulcan County might be more proactive regarding these applications and provide more meaningful input to provincial regulatory bodies. As such, Vulcan County will want the opportunity to comment on renewable energy installations prior to participating in an approval hearing of the Alberta Utilities Commission. This all depends on how quickly we can update the Municipal Development Plan and create a Land Use Suitability Tool for ourselves.

The Hamlet of Mossleigh will be getting Neptune water meters in the New Year. This action is being taken to promote water conservation and extend the potential life expectancy of the water treatment plant. Nominal cost recovery for the meters will be made from each household, however, many in the hamlet welcome the move if it prevents water shortages in the future.

Animal control has also been an issue in the Hamlet of Mossleigh with many residents bringing forward concerns to Council. There were two instances this past month, not just in Mossleigh but elsewhere in the County, where the dog control bylaw proved to be a necessary enforcement tool.


Christopher Northcott

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