Inter-municipal Development Plans

As the administrator for the Village of Arrowwood (since 2014) and the Village of Milo (from 2012 until 2018), I have enjoyed good working relationships with other municipal leaders in the region.

I also worked directly on the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) for the Village of Arrowwood and Vulcan County.

There are common planning principles and joint strategies across all IDPs in Vulcan County.

Through the policy framework set out in these agreements, we have a starting point to work on:

– “Joint Development Initiatives,”

– “Community Growth Initiatives,”

– fair and reasonable cost and revenue sharing for joint services, and

– work collectively in lobbying the province to fund improving the transportation linkages identified by statutory plan as a priority.

Vulcan County has significant liabilities given its massive network of roads and bridges. Especially bridges!

These roads exist as the transportation arteries of our communities.

The maintenance and improvement of this road network remains a cornerstone of economic development and community growth in our region.

Here is the IDP where I was directly involved:

Local Government has the Means and the Moral Authority

The video below is a great abbreviated overview of emergency response planning and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local government has the means and the moral authority to follow up on the Redman Report from July and demand a course correction. Our communities, local economy, and ratepayers have suffered avoidable injury as a direct result of incompetent emergency management and fear mongering.

Everything that the province expects of local government they themselves did not do by enacting the wrong state of emergency, not following our emergency response plan, and handing over our response to Alberta Health Services.

It’s time for Alberta municipalities to assert their authority.

Please take the time to read the Redman report:

A Great Community has Development Potential

Promoting the development potential of our communities and the great people who live in Vulcan County should be a priority for the next County Council. We need to grow our taxable assessment while encouraging viable community development.

The following is a low cost and high quality advertising initiative where I was directly involved.

It is my understanding that something similar has been initiated by the current County Council. Without having seen it or being aware of its scope, I do commend them for taking the initiative.