Update on MITACs Locating Missing Graves Cemetery Project

The following update is provided on behalf of Councillor Laurie Lyckman and myself, with gratitude to the university researchers for the detailed overview, as well as our local volunteers for their ongoing work on this project.

Global New Lethbridge news story from November 23, 2023, can be found, HERE.

Calgary Herald Article from November 12, 2023 can be found, HERE.

Alternate link to Calgary Herald article as distributed in the Ottawa Citizen, with comments, can be found, HERE.

The University of Lethbridge Press Release from November 6, 2023:

The November 2023 Project Update:

Additional photos from September with some description. The first two are from Carmangay Cemetery and the third shows the outline of a church foundation in the Marquis Municipal (Milo East) Cemetery:

Carmangay Cemetery
Carmangay Cemetery
Marquis Municipal (Milo East) Cemetery

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