Returning to the “Old Normal” of Emergency Management

Regardless of who is elected to County Council, they will need the understanding and support of our communities as they advocate for a return to the norms and time-tested principles of emergency management.

In local government we are trained in the Incident Command System and held accountable to the Emergency Management Act. We are reminded on a regular basis that a failure to manage an adequate emergency response may mean that we are held “criminally negligent.”

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, Lt. Col. David Redman is a decorated soldier and Alberta’s first Director of Emergency Management. He set up Alberta’s emergency response program which resulted in the creation of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. These are the emergency management professionals and yet, unfortunately, their expertise has been noticeably absent in how Alberta has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from reading the lengthy report that Lt. Col. David Redman put out in July, this past month he released a concise overview of what the “old normal” of emergency management looked like and why we need to return to it.

If I accomplish anything in this election campaign, I hope that I can provide some perspective on the role of local government in emergency management and why adhering to sound principles of emergency management is critical.

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