McGregor Lake Reservoir is one of the oldest in southern Alberta

According to the Alberta Districts Irrigation Association, McGregor Reservoir and Lake Newell Reservoir have stored water since 1914. This makes them the oldest irrigation storage reservoirs in southern Alberta!

McGregor Lake Reservoir, like other irrigation reservoirs, provides Vulcan County with water for economic development, be it agriculture or recreation. It is a tremendous asset to have in our back yard.

Inter-municipal Development Plans

As the administrator for the Village of Arrowwood (since 2014) and the Village of Milo (from 2012 until 2018), I have enjoyed good working relationships with other municipal leaders in the region.

I also worked directly on the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) for the Village of Arrowwood and Vulcan County.

There are common planning principles and joint strategies across all IDPs in Vulcan County.

Through the policy framework set out in these agreements, we have a starting point to work on:

– “Joint Development Initiatives,”

– “Community Growth Initiatives,”

– fair and reasonable cost and revenue sharing for joint services, and

– work collectively in lobbying the province to fund improving the transportation linkages identified by statutory plan as a priority.

Vulcan County has significant liabilities given its massive network of roads and bridges. Especially bridges!

These roads exist as the transportation arteries of our communities.

The maintenance and improvement of this road network remains a cornerstone of economic development and community growth in our region.

Here is the IDP where I was directly involved: