Division 6 is a dynamic division in the middle of Vulcan County, hedged to the north by the Milo highway (542) and the Buffalo Hills, and to the south by the Little Bow River and Travers Reservoir. The division includes community members of Milo, Berrywater, Vulcan, Lake McGregor Country Estates, Champion, and even a few from Lomond. It includes the western shore of Lake McGregor Reservoir, being the western side of what is historically known as Snake Valley. It includes Little Bow Provincial Park and more recent seasonal development adjacent to it. The division also includes the Lake McGregor Provincial Recreation Area, as well as the Calgary and District Target Shooters‘ Milo Range. Other historic landmarks include Reid Hill and the Coal Mine Road. For any that I have missed, please mention them in the comments below.

The following video was done a few years back on the Berrywater Community Association. It provides some insight for those who may not otherwise know much about Berrywater and the historic roots of this community.

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